How to get to the Hotel

Now, the nostalgic sea and wind of the past relax and the body and mind and the journey of the whip slowly begins.

Hotel Access



Tokyo Station - Fukuyama Station   3 hours 34 minutes (fastest)
Nagoya Station - Fukuyama Station   about 2 hours
Shin-Osaka Station -Fukuyama Station   1 hour 01 minutes (fastest)
Okayama Station - Fukuyama Station   about 15 minutes
Hiroshima Station - Fukuyama Station   about 23 minutes
Fukuoka (Hakata) - Fukuyama Station   1 hour 25 minutes (fastest)

After getting off at JR Fukuyama Station, you can take the route bus "Tomotetsu Bus"
from the south exit of the station (department store side)
(runs every 15-20 minutes every day, the fare is 530 yen one way
(paid at the time of getting off at Tomonoura))
(either to platform 5 "Tomonoura" or "Tomonoura")
or the inn shuttle bus from the south exit of the station to the Ofutei shuttle bus
(* reservation required, free of charge, limited operating hours).

Shuttle bus

Information on free shuttle bus
Free shuttle bus (Fukuyama Station South Exit - Hotel Ofutei)
Time required: about 30 minutes, reservation required.
We offer free pick-up service from the south exit of Fukuyama Station on a regular basis.

"Full Reservation"
* Reservation is required for taking free shuttle bus service.

PICK-UP Fukuyama station → Tomonoura
Leave at Fukuyama stationarrve at Keishokan Sazanamitei

Arrive at hotel Ofutei,Migiwatei Ochikochi andKeishoukan Sazanamitei in order.

DROP-OFF Tomonoura → Fukuyama station
leave at Keishoukan Sazanamiteiarrve at Fukuyama station

* It takes about 10 minutes by walk from shinkansen plat form to the pick-up spot.

Map of departure/arrival locations

* The guests are supposed to make a reservation until the day before you will come.
 We may stop the shuttle bus service according to the reservation status.
* The free shuttle bus leaves on time because it drive to our group hotels.
* It may be delay depends on the traffic situation. Thank you for your understanding.

Fixed Route Bus
Local buses are also available for a fee.

JR Fukuyama Station South - Tomonoura
Take the bus marked “Tomonoura / Tomoko” from the JR Fukuyama station square bus stop.
Service interval is 20minutes from 6:40 to 22:00 every day.
Travel time to Tomonoura is about 30 minutes.
One-way fare
Fukuyama Station - Tomonoura : Adult 530yen , Child 270yen
Fukuyama Station - Tomoko : Adult 560yen , Child 280yen
Exchange of banknotes and charging of IC cards in the car are limited to 1,000yen bills.
(5,000Yen bills and 10,000yen bills cannot be used)
> Tomotetsu Bus Service Details

Passengers using a car

To Fukuyama Tomonoura, it takes about 25 minutes from Fukuyama Station.
Parking for guests is available (free of charge at the time of stay).

Highway - Sanyo Expressway

( Free Parking available for hotel guests )

From the east

Fukuyama East I.C. Fukuyama Higashi

Fukuyama S.A. Fukuyama S.A.

‣Approx. 40 min. from Fukuyama East I.C. to hotel.
Continue south on Route 182 merging with the I.C exit to the city center.
After crossing National Road #2, go straight to Tomonoura following the road signs.

From the west

Fukuyama West I.C. Fukuyama Nishi

Fukuyama S.A. Fukuyama S.A.

‣Approx. 40 min from Fukuyama West I.C. to Hotel
Take National Road #2 "Matsunaga Bypass" to Fukuyama city. Keep driving about 20 min. and make right turn at intersection "Kashimabashi Nishizume Intersection",
just before the bridge crossing Ashida river.
Then drive along Ashida river heading for Tomonoura following the road signs.

Passengers via the airport

Okayama Airport
Departure and arrival at Okayama Airport: "Non-stop bus" is convenient: about 30 minutes to JR Okayama Station, about 18 minutes by Shinkansen from JR Okayama Station to JR Fukuyama Station.

Hiroshima Airport
Please use the "Limousine Bus" (bus via highway) to and from Hiroshima Airport (about 60 minutes)

Limousine Bus Timetable
From Fukuyama Station to Hiroshima Airport
Get off in front of Fukuyama Station.
It takes about 3 minutes to walk to Fukuyama Station.
The service may be canceled due to weather conditions.
Highway traffic jams are not taken into account at the above times.
Passengers using Hiroshima Airport are requested to allow plenty of time.

This table shows estimated travel times. The actual travel time depends on the line you use, road conditions, and other factors.
※The departure time may change according to the arrival times of flights.